We love technology.

We usually find ourselves exploring the land of bytes a little too much.

The thing is, we do love people more.
We create products that uplift, inspire, and celebrate humanity.

We’re software and hardware designers and builders who believe in responsible innovation.

A team of passionate individuals with diverse backgrounds in software engineering, Internet of Things development, applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and technologies for mission critical facilities.

Our board of advisers from business and finance, engineering, industrial design, architecture, social entrepreneurship, arts and sciences help us find and solve problems that really matter.

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Software Design and Development

We can do this with our eyes closed.  Not really, but we’re pretty good.  Talk to us.
We’d like to know how we can help.

Internet of Things Development

Sometimes software is not enough to solve real-world problems.
Got one of those?  We can design and build smart objects that sense and interact with the world.
They can talk to other smart objects, even participate in swarm behavior too.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Yes we are cool with AI and ML.  They’re not just buzzwords to us.
We make them useful and practical in your projects.

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